Welcome to the Community Visioning website!

Community Visioning is a process that uses public participation for input in the planning process. Through workshops, surveys, and other means, interested citizens and stakeholders have the opportunity to guide the community’s future. Using these methods, the public provides critical information to the officials and planning professionals which is used to create a Community Vision.

Because those living in the community are most attuned to their needs and most affected by land use decisions, Community Visioning gives the public the opportunity to bring issues and ideas to light that may have been overlooked by the professionals or officials. Community visioning will help to gain public trust in the government by reducing bias through using broad public involvement. Community Visioning will allow the public to feel as though they have stake in the final project because they will be involved throughout the entire planning process and it will also enhance their trust and support for planning initiatives by allowing them to be involved in the decisions.

Community Visioning can be implemented in a variety of ways, and in the Case Studies portion of this site, you can see how VERTICES has successfully implemented Community Visioning in various conditions.

Please look through the website for more information about Community Visioning and if you have any questions or to find out how you can get involved in this exciting process please feel free to contact us.


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