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Rain Gardens and VPS a lesson in Stormwater Management

Photo courtest of Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Photo courtesy of Indiana Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts

Kari Rushe, a senior majoring in landscape architecture at Penn State has created a project to gain input from the community as well as teach them a thing or two about stormwater management. Rushe has sent up a Visual Preference Survey that is available on the State College Borough Council’s website as well as the Penn State department of landscape architecture’s Web site that features images of eco-friendly gardens as well as non-eco-friendly gardens. Eco-friendly gardens, also called Rain Gardens allow plants to treat rain and snow onsite, rather that having it runoff and pool into a body of water. These gardens prevent large puddles of water or ice patches which create a safety hazard. The drawback? Rain Gardens are not the most visually pleasing gardens. This is where the website comes in, respondents are asked to choose which images are most appealing to them, these results will eventually be compiled in a brochure for the borough. This is a perfect example of involving the community to make a difference! (

To see the survey on Rain Gardens please click here and to learn more about the project, you can visit Penn State’s landscape architecture website here

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